Narvadeshwar Pharmacy College

Narvadeshwar Pharmacy College (NPC) is a prominent professional institute founded by GOKARAN NARVADESHWAR SHIKSHA SAMITI. The Institute is located at 12 Km Stone Lucknow- Dewa Road, Tindola, Barabanki, on the outskirts of Lucknow. The institute ensures pollution-free green environment.

Its mission is to provide excellent education in a stimulating environment where knowledge of basic subjects is integrated with health concerns for the world community. The program teaches professional ethics, social responsibility, professional citizenship and commitment to life long learning. Students are prepared in chemical, biological, physical and clinical sciences that underline pharmacy. Therefore, to provide our country and the world with competent Health Professional Narvadeshwar Pharmacy College (NPC) has been established.

The Institute provides all kinds of professional studies and activities under one roof, with world class infrastructure and facilities. In short, NPC is the perfect place for anyone who thinks for taking Pharmacy as a career option.

  • Chairman's Message

    Prof. N.M Tripathi Chairman

    21st Century is the century of knowledge in the field of science and technology i.e, Computer Science and Engineering ,Information Technology, Bio Technology, Communication and management, which has changed the shape of wide world into a global village .

    Time requires a lot number of young energetic youth to cope with the demand of global requirement who could be able to change the traditional working style of industries and corporate world.The institute is managed by academician and technocrats, hence it is different from others.

    Special attention shall be given on attendance and discipline. On the basis of my personal experience I can say that with the help of these two mantras (attendance and discipline ) the tremendous hidden energy of the students could be transformed into a workforce to reckon with. This would also guide our students to shape bright carrier in the field of their chosen branch. With this aim GNITM is a novel addition in the Technical Education in U.P.

    It is my privilege to welcome all newcomers who wish to join this college and hope that they will be able to shape their career as they wish.

  • Vice Chairman's Message

    Shivesh Mani Tripathi Vice Chairman

    Narvadeshwar Pharmacy college is incipient to take admission for the session 2018-2019. College with a mission to develope Awadh area as an education hub and to provide best technical education to the students of our state.

    This is where an exemplary educational institution can make all the difference. It can equip its students in such a manner that they know how to find success and what to do in order to achieve it. As said by Aristotle, "Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."

    My thanks and best wishes to all staff member of the College Professors, Lecturers, Students and Director of the institute for their sincere efforts and dedication. Ushering value based education that promotes human excellence and enhance competitive ability in today’s academic word is herculean task, considering the tremendous amount of distortion and contamination introduction by market forces. We have been accomplishing this task for a decade and have strong conviction to do in years to come.

    As a Executive Vice Chairman of NPC, I welcome you to this fascinating intuition. Looking forward to your valuable association with us.